How To Use The Dispenser:

Make sure that the dispenser is in OFF mode before you insert the aerosol can inside.

CAUTION: Do not point the dispenser towards your face or others when switching to ON mode.

Use Instruction:

This model features a light sensor to allow day only or night only operation and a timer to vary the dosage frequency. 1. light sensor: this enables the unit to be  operated just in the day, just at night or round the clock (24hr) 2. timer: this enables the dosage frequency to be varied from 7.5 to 30 minutes.

  1. Open the unit by gently pressing the top of the unit with the thumbs whilst lightly prising the sides of the unit outwards with the tips of the fingers.
  2. Insert two D cells into the battery compartment.
  3. Insert metered aerosol can and turn power on using external switch.
  4. Set desired spray interval by rotating dial.
  5. Set light sensor to required Day/Night/24hr setting using switch.


  1. Place unit between 1.8 - 2.2m and avoid directing spray at people or delicate fabrics.
  2. On average batteries last about 6 month and aerosol can about 1.5 month, depending on setting.