Mission Statement

At Aroma Fresh Inc. we want to make the world cleaner and fresher smelling, one customer at a time. We strive to produce an air freshener that is eco-friendly and does not contribute to the depletion of the Earth's precious ozone layer, like many of our competitors.

Our air fresheners use state of the art technology to increase the battery life using an advanced sensor that can easily be calibrated to meet each individual user’s needs. By choosing Aroma Fresh Inc. you will be keeping your home or business smelling amazing, while helping to reduce waste.

Company Profile

Aroma Fresh Inc. is an international company that has been spreading our fresh smells and green technology around the world since 1980. We specialize in producing an eco-friendly automatic air freshener that lasts longer and neutralizes odors better than anything else you will find on the market. We pride ourselves on providing courteous and efficient service to all of our customers around the world.

We are always striving to improve and develop our products to better reduce waste while continuing to deliver an air freshener that smells magnificent. We are in constant contact with manufacturer’s and green technology experts around the world, this way we can continue to make our products better for our customers and the planet.

Our relationship with these industry specialists puts Aroma Fresh Inc. at the forefront of technology in this field. Giving us the edge when it comes to giving our customers the most modern product, that is the most environmentally friendly and does absolutely no harm to the O-Zone layer!

All of these factors allow us to ensure that our customers receive the most optimal solution that exceeds their air freshener needs while delivering the widest variety of quality materials accompanied by reliable and efficient customer service. Aroma Fresh’s long term goal is to become a world leading company in the air freshener field, working to meet the real demand for specialized fragrances and scents that are eco-friendly, fresh smelling and cost effective, meeting a demand required by consumers around the world.

Aroma Fresh Inc. is an international company specializing in automatic air fresheners and ecological odor neutralizers since 1980, providing courteous and efficient service to thousands of customers around the world for many years.

In addition, Aroma Fresh Inc. specializes in branding and marketing using scents, a proven effective and inexpensive tool for increasing sales.

To improve and develop this field, we maintain constant contact with manufacturers and experts around the world. This relationship places us at the forefront of technology in this field and provides us with the most modern materials and products, which are environmentally friendly and do not harm the ozone!. These enable us to ensure that our clients receive the optimal solutions to their needs using a wide variety of quality materials and efficient, reliable service.